Windsor Vac Pac 10qt

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Windsor Vac Pac 10qt


Product Number: 098-VP10


  • The Vac Pac is available in six and ten quart capacities to accomodate different operators and job requirements
  • Light weight and comfortable harness system makes the job easier
  • Vacuum Power Switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator
  • A kit of most-used vacuum tools comes standard with the machine
  • Quiet vacuum operation is perfect for daytime cleaning
  • The Vac Pac is constructed of tough molded polyethylene to ensure it can handle daily use
  • Padded hip and shoulder harness increases vacuum operators comfort
  • Harness has a chest strap for better weight distribution and operator comfort
  • Vacuums hose is a top-mounted swivel design for  left-hand and right-hand operation
  • Powerful 1.7 hp motor vacuums with authority
  • Four-stage vacuum filtration ensures optimum air quality