Floor Equipemnt Vacuum Hoky Carpet Sweeper 3000
Floor Equipemnt Vacuum Hoky Carpet Sweeper 3000


Product Number: 001-3000


The Hoky PowerRotor Sweepers have state of the art Rotoblade wipers replacing the traditional brush. This feature is a giant leap in mechanical sweepers. Hoky carpet sweeper is a lightweight but durable ABS body; a 4 piece, center mounted, aluminum handle set; horsehair corner brushes and larger, soft rubber wheels.

Naturally the Hoky sweepers require no hoses, replacement bags or electrical connections. They are tough, durable and efficient. They are easy to empty, easy to clean and store in a small space.
Parts are easily replaceable if ever needed. No other sweeper in the world can make these claims.

Carpet,Tile (vinyl or ceramic),Brick surfaces,Concrete,Astro Turf,Indoor-Outdoor Carpet,Seamless Vinyl,Terrazzo

Dirt,Flour,Pins,Salt,Pet Food,Cigarettes,Lint,Grass,Popcorn,Sugar,Dust,Glass,Ashes,Thread, Crumbs,Sand,Confetti,Coins

Hotels,Home Use,Country Clubs,Churches,Motels,Restaurants,Schools,Industry,Retail Stores

Model PR3000
Color Black
Weight 2.5 lbs. 3.7 lbs.
Width of cleaning head 9.5 inches 12.5 inches
Height of cleaning head 3 inches 3.5 inches
Length of cleaning head 8 inches 11 inches
Handle grip Sturdy handle Style Soft sure grip