Airx 29 Smoke & Foul Odor Eliminator 10oz

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Airx 29 Smoke & Foul Odor Eliminator 10oz


Product Number: 082-RX29


RX 29 is a super strength foul odor counteractant made especially for hotels, nursing homes and other facilities subjected to intense, lingering odor problems. It is packaged in convenient aerosol cans. But unlike ordinary aerosols, it produces a dry spray pattern that will not wet or stain surfaces on which it is used. RX 29 ultra dry formulation produces an extremely small particle size that allows the AIRICIDE to remain airborne and not fall out like other aerosols. RX 29 may be atomized directly on drapes, upholstery, bedding, carpeting and clothing. It is much more than a space spray. By penetrating fabrics without staining them, it eliminates malodors at their source and provides residual effectiveness. RX 29 contains no CFCs